Front End DevConf

A One-day Conference About All Things Front End Dev!

About the Conference

The city of Portland, Oregon is the host city for Front End DevConf! Explore the future of Front End with a lineup of industry professionals, and discover new techniques to advance your career as a web developer.



Ecma Scriptnstuff

Ecma found a passion for programming and teaching over 15 years ago. Ecma is excited to introduce you to all of the wonders of JavaScript.

Cee Esses

Cee is a software engineer and philosopher trying to make the world a better place. Cee codes for non-profits, eCommerce, and large-scale web apps.

Jay Query

Jay is a JavaScript developer working on large-scale applications. Jay is also a teacher who strives to support students in removing barriers to learning code.


  1. Get Ready for the Future of CSS

    Cee Esses

  2. All Things Frameworks

    Jay Query

  3. ES2018 and Beyond

    Ecma Scriptnstuff